Required Human Subjects Training

Accessing and Completing the CITI Course - YOU MUST CHOOSE PROVIDENCE IRB-SPOKANE (type into box), completion of incorrect modules may not be accepted.   

 Link to access CITI training --   

  • Modules do not have to be completed during "one" session. To re-enter the course, you will need your "user name" and "password." The IRB does not have access to this information. 
  • Follow the instructions for Registration - Human Subject Protection Trainng (6-16)  REVISED 6-16
  • Upon completion of the required modules, print the course "completion certificate" for your records. A confirmation of completion is automatically sent to the IRB.

All Investigators (PI /SI’s) and key research personnel (see Key Personnel SOP for definition) must complete human subject training prior to conducting research.  The IRB subscribes to web-based Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) through the University of Miami.   Refresher courses and Conflict of Interest courses required every 4 years.  Passing score 80%, tests can be retaken if necessary. Completion of training other than CITI will be reviewed on a case by case basis; request for such review must be accompanied by a certificate of completion, dated within the past 3 years, and include a description of course(s) taken. See SOP Human Subjects Protection Training for detailed information

  • PI's -- Documentation of current training must be on file with the IRB, prior  to initial review of new research.
  • SI’s and key research personnel – Documentation of current training must be on file with the IRB, prior to final approval of new research. 
  • Addition of investigators and/or key research personnel after initial approval - Documentation of current training must be on file with the IRB in order to receive approval. 

If you have any questions/doubt about which courses are required for your particular study, please contact the IRB for guidance.  Failure to complete the appropriate courses may result in additional courses being required. 

Initial Training Requirements - 

  • Investigators and key research personnel must complete the appropriate group (defined on CITI webpage):
    • New Biomedical Research Certification - Basic Course, or
    • New Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers, or
    • Data Collection of Specimens Only Researchers
    • Good Clinic Practice (GCP) Course - Basic Course
      • New Investigators and key research personnel who have not previously been involved in the conduct of research MUST complete. 
  • Conflict of Interest (COI)
    • Biomedical/Social-Behavioral-Education Conflicts of Interest or 
    • Data Collection Only Conflicts of Interest 

Refresher Course - required every 3 years 

Conflicts of Interest - required every 4 years 

**Continuing Education credits are available from CITI for completion of the Basic and Refresher Courses. Additional information can be found on the CITI web site or by using this link -